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Scott Ian Says New Anthrax Album Will Be “More Brutal”


Scott Ian

Metal Insider just published an excellent interview with Scott Ian in which the Anthrax guitarist spills a few details about the band’s next album. The band could begin recording as soon as April! Key word “could.” On the pace of writing and recording in general:

We’re sitting here right now with 12 songs musically arranged and really focusing on lyrics now. At the end of the month after the NAMM show is the next time we’re getting together at Jay’s studio to work on vocals. I like to think at the pace we’re going we would be ready to start recording maybe in April.  I hate to ever put a stamp on something like this because you just never know.  But where we’re at musically right now, this shit is just so killer.  It’s not like we have that far to go.

So that’s great news! Although, if I were a betting man, based on how long it takes to book studio time, do pre-pro, finish writing, etc, I’d say April probably isn’t very likely. Still, though, it’s close, that’s cool. I liked Worship Music a lot and definitely anticipate its follow up… about which Ian says the following:

If you likedWorship Music, you’re gonna like this.  The one thing I can say is that it definitely has more thrash elements.  It definitely hearkens back to more of who we were in the 80s, yet at the same time sounding like us now in present day, which is what a lot of people said aboutWorship Music.  I think this one hits even harder and faster, more brutal with crazier riffs.

Really you should read the entire interview, though! Ian talks about what inspired him to go on his upcoming spoken word tour, new guitarist Jon Donais, being nominated for another Grammy and more.

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