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East of the Wall Bassist Chris Alfano’s Top 13 Video Games of 2013


East of the Wall

And I swore we were done with “Best of 2013” stuff. Dammit. Back into the vortex.

But surely we can make an exception for video games, right? Especially seeing as metal and video games go together like two nuts in a sack, an assertion with which Last Chance To Reason’s Evan Sammons would surely agree. I mean, just the other day we posted a metal cover of some Final Fantasy VII tunes.

East of the Wall bassist (formerly guitarist) Chris Alfano listed his favorite games of 2013 for the appropriately titled website Headbang Buttonmash (!!!). Unfortunately I’m something of a video game dummy — the last console system I bought was the Super NES — so this list may as well be in Chinese to me. But I’m sure Chris’ choices will give the rest of you plenty to argue about and discuss. Does Kentucky Route Zero mean anything to you? What about Memories of Celceta? This list is for you!

Check out the list here.

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