Steel Panther Bear “The Burden of Being Wonderful”


Are you so incredibly awesome that everything you touch turns to greatness and everyone is just totally jealous of you all the time? I mean, you’re a MetalSucks reader, so you MUST be… right?

Well, great news: Steel Panther have now written a song about the plight of the uncommon man. It’s called “The Burden of Being Wonderful,” and you can check it out via the below video, which was directed by Family Guy/The Cleveland Show writer/producer Kirker Butler (relax, the clip features none of those shows’ trademark cutaways to non sequiturs). And I must say, the video IS fairly “wonderful”… but not nearly as wonderful as it would have been had I been the director. But don’t feel too bad, Kirker. Not everyone can be as awesome as I am.

“The Burden of Being Wonderful” will appear on Steel Panther’s All You Can Eat, which comes out April 1.

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