Album Review: Monte Pittman’s The Power of Three


Not often we get to write about Madonna here.

Monte Pittman’s been a staple of the Madge’s band — and albums — for a while now. Played the Super Bowl with her, even. Worked with Adam Lambert, too (although he apparently had nothing to do with AL’s “Whataya Want from Me,” a true guilty pleasure. It’s like Pink meets Queen. Seriously! Annnnd now my vagina hurts.)

Which isn’t to question Mr. Pittman’s cred. The man’s a solid musician… nay, a professional, a working guitarist only doing what 99.9% of working guitarists would have done if given the same offer: said “yes” and toured the world, playing for millions and earning, well, not millions, but a good living. And his pick of the backstage craft table.

Anyway, Pittman has metal roots. He was the guitarist on Prong’s 2003 solid comeback Scorpio Rising. And he’s worked on a bevy of solo stuff, too. Heavy stuff.

Like The Power of Three. Nothing remarkable here — fantastic guitar chops, natch — but there is a welcoming return to all that was good about hard rock in the 70s (and 80s, and even the 90s). Clean vocals with a real hint of melody, like a sobered up Ozzy or a healthy living Hetfield. Some ‘tallica thrash (maybe credit Master of Puppets knob twiddler Flemming Rasmussen for his contributions there) on standouts like “A Dark Horse” or the second half of “Blood Hungry Thirst.” Great, tasteful solos.

Look, it’s not the new Pestilence. It’s also not “Lucky Star,” either. Give the man his due.

Monte Pittman’s The Power of Three is out now on Metal Blade. You can stream the track “Before the Mourning Son” here and purchase the album here.

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