The NAMM Jam to End All NAMM Jams!!!



With NAMM right around the corner the metalwebs are ablaze with news of new products, artist signing, performance demos, shows and so on and so forth. We can only surmise the creators of the above poster (NOT made by MetalSucks) were referencing this event, but, really, they could just be drawing on years and years of experience. And I mean, come on, who WOULDN’T want to see a Michael Angelo Batio co-headline set?? (Being completely serious here, best guitarist ever! And a yearly NAMM staple.)

To counter the above, at least there’s thisMetal Masters 5, quite obviously the only metal event worth attending during the week of NAMM. Phil Anselmo, Kerry King, Chuck Billy, Mike Portnoy, Gary Holt… and more… so much metal awesomeness in one place! Without any of the shlock. It was all live-streamed over at Gear Gods last night, and will be available on demand there later today. In fact, Gear Gods is covering NAMM all week long! Don’t miss out!!!

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