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New Destrage Song Rips, Video Makes Me Laugh


I chose to feature Black Crown Initiate as my choice for a band that will fuck your face off in 2014, but I could’ve easily gone with Destrage; I have high hopes for their new album Are You Kidding Me? No, which will come out later this winter.

While listening to their new song “My Green Neighbour” that came out last week, it finally occurred to me which band they remind me of: SikTh! Duh. It was staring me in the face this whole time, although Heavy Blog is Heavy’s “Van Halen filtered through Psyopus” description is pretty good too.

And so: here’s that new song, along with an accompanying lyric video. But this is no ordinary lyric video; like Protest the Hero’s “Clarity” lyric vid that had a plot pitting Star Wars nerds vs. Trekkies in one epic battle to settle the debate once and for all, this one’s got a proper visual element too and it’s equally as entertaining. Two dudes (who I presume are members of the band?) participate in some kind of Zombie 5k Tough Mudder thingamabob in Italy called the Warrior Dash. Looks like fun! Where do I sign up?

Are You Kidding Me? No will be released by Metal Blade Records on March 4th in North America and February 28th/March 3rd in Europe/UK. Pre-order here.

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