Graceless Recordings Spotlight: Recluse, Chthe’ilist, Black F**king Cancer


graceless recordings logoIt’s no secret that the powers behind Graceless Recordings have quietly busied themselves with releasing some of the underground’s most potent and dangerous new music, but for the sake of convenience (and since I just bought one of these sick new Recluse shirts), let’s revisit some of their more recent (and not so recent) coups, yeah?


Recluse is the solo project of Cobalt vocalist Phil McSorley, and is cold, heartless, utterly violent raw black metal for those who worship the LLN, and murder.


Dark, twisted, pulverizing death metal steeped in Lovecraftian horror. Listen to this Canadian trio’s relentless first demo here:


Effortless, lightless death/doom. Check out a new song from this anonymous project’s debut EP, ‘Of Lachrymose Grief,’ and get ready to abandon all hope.


Graceless will be handling the cassette version of the upcoming debut full-length (Profound Lore/Gilead Media will handle other formats) from this insanely promising Nashville collective. Truly vicious black metal of death.


Spawned from Northern California’s Necrite (now on-hold), Black Fucking Cancer is pure, malicious raw black metal. Listen to a track from their first and so far only release:

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