Video: Obituary Debuts Three New Songs

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Obituary by Keith Suchland
Photo: Keith D Suchland

As of mid-September, Obituary collected more than $60,000 to fund their upcoming ninth album. Not only does that chunk of change enable the as-yet untitled set to get a classy production and presentation — neither of which are givens for Obituary — but also it sextuples their original goal. That is good vibes, man, and so the creators in Obituary must be riding a surge of gratification. It’s there in black and white: They are in demand and their work is sure to be given a warm listen. That certainty feeds good creativity. Look around at all the samey records created by anxious musicians at the fringes of a shrinking marketplace. Does desperation seep from their very pores? Probably; their future is likely a question mark. Not Obituary, for they enjoy almost a thousand votes of consumer confidence at the onset the new record’s creation, and a concrete motivation (ie. to shit a bloody brick on the ears of their loving fan-vestors) throughout its production and promotion.

No release date is announced, but Friday night that mojo showed as Obituary’s juice flowed onstage in Tampa. They sounded awesome throughout a 15-song set built on blocks of jams from each of their first three albums. (Which implies that a longer set would’ve required a block from their awesome fourth, World Demise.) Sorta bookending the survey of highlights from The End Complete were three new jams that totally prop up my previous paragraph here; they sound awesome, even on fan-shot video (below). The first (at 24:30) is announced by vocalist John Tardy as “Song Four” — and as “Pedophile” (?) by guitarist Trevor Peres — and judging from their choruses, we may guess the titles of the other two are “Wraw Rarrr” (29:25) and “Grarin, Rawrin, Bradraraaaww” (50:40).

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