MTV’s Guy Code Blog Advises Readers to Go to Metal Shows to Pick Up Women

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So MTV’s Guy Code blog ran an article this week entitled “Why Are There So Many Cute Girls At Metal & Hardcore Concerts Now?” The article begins by noting the increase in women (excuse me — “cute girls”) at recent metal shows (recent NYC gigs by Pig Destroyer and Dying Fetus are cited as examples), which, I think, is a fair observation. I love to make jokes about how metal nerds have never even seen a woman before as much as the next self-deprecating Deicide fan, but there definitely have been more women at metal shows over the past ten years or so (I’m not saying there weren’t women at metal shows before then, by the way — just that there’s been more women at shows). So while I agree with our own Leyla Ford that it’s time to stop thinking of women in metal as women in metal, if the only point of the MTV article was “Hey, metal is not exclusively dominated by men anymore!”, well, that in and of itself might not be especially offensive.

Unfortunately, that’s NOT the only point of the MTV article. A big part of its point is this:

“Ultimately, it doesn’t matter why cute girls are there — they’re there. So get your ass to a metal, punk or hardcore show. It can be easy to pick up a woman at such a concert if you follow a few quick preparation tips.”

It then proceeds to provide said tips as to how one might get laid at a metal show*.


The not-so-subtle implication here is that dudes should be going to metal shows JUST because it’s a place to meet women. The article tries to course-correct with its final pick up tip, which is “Know Your Shit,” but that’s still basically tantamount to “you should be going to metal shows JUST because it’s a place to meet women BUT make sure you do some research on Wikipedia first.”

In case it’s not clear: I’m not AGAINST people hooking up at metal shows. I’m all for it! (Unless you’re making out during the show… actually, just if you’re making out during the show and it’s somehow blocking my view. Take that shit to the back of the room! You’re not watching the band anyway.) I’m just wary of skeevy poser dudes going to metal shows with the exclusive intent of meeting women. Besides, it’s not like any of my female friends who are into metal are ever like, “Man, I wish dudes at these shows would hit on me more!”

The author of the article, Ethan Fixell, has defended it by noting that “it was written for a specific comedy-driven blog — if it were for a music-driven site, I would have written a much different piece.” Which might be a fair point if there were anything comedic about it. But there isn’t. It takes no satirical jabs at people who seriously think there are no women in metal… fuck, it’s not even really funny. The tone is completely straight-forward.

So, really, there is no reason for the MTV article to exist.

Still, you can read the whole thing here if you want. (I know of at least one loser who CONSTANTLY whines on his metal blog about not being able to meet women, even when that whining has less than nothing to do with the supposed subject of the article in question, so he’ll probably find this really helpful.) But then come back and share your opinions about the article (and jokes about the MetalSucks staff being sexless losers, natch) in the comments section below, okay?

*Somewhat surprisingly, “Be in the Band” is not one of those tips.

[via Metal Insider]

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