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Bigelf Return with New Song “Control Freak” After Four Year Hiatus



Bigelf have been a band for over twenty years but it seemed they only began to receive wider recognition in America for their blend of stoner, psychedelia and prog when they opened for Dream Theater on the 2009 incarnation of the Progressive Nation Tour. Then they went on hiatus and disappeared for nearly four years.

In that time span plenty of bands peddling more or less the same form of music as Bigelf have experienced a huge boost in popularity — Ghost, The Devil’s Blood, Ancient VVisdom, and other Vest Metal bands — leaving Bigelf in the dust once again. Shitty time to take a break.

But Bigelf are finally back, and they’re set to release Into The Maelstrom, their first album in six years, on April 1st. Check out “Control Freak,” the first song to be released from the album, below. Those fuzzed out guitars are probably the heaviest thing I’ve ever heard from these guys, but the tripped-out core is intact. Mike Portnoy, who seems to have taken a special liking to the band (see above Prog Nation tour, and this year’s Progressive Nation at Sea boat cruise) plays drums on the album. Perhaps the time is finally right for Bigelf and they’ll be able to strike while the Vest Metal iron is still hot? You be the judge.

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