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#IceFail: Amon Amarth and Skeletonwitch Prank Enslaved Guitarist


Who doesn’t love a good tour prank… or a good prank on the poor bastard who was unlucky enough to get hammered and pass out in the vicinity of his friends?

Current tour mates Amon Amarth, Enslaved, and Skeletonwitch recently got to indulge in both forms of tomfoolery when Enslaved guitarist Arve Isdal, a.k.a. “Ice Dale,” got drunk and fell asleep on Amon Amarth’s tour bus. Skeletonwitch sent out the following tweet…

…later adding:

Ice Fail 2

The sleuths over at Metal Injection reached out to the bands to get the full story. Enslaved’s Ivar Bjørnson says that although it was the vikings in Amon Amarth who originally drew on Isdal’s face, Skeletonwitch vocalist Chance Garnette deserves full credit for the t-shirt idea. Elaborates SW guitarist Scott Hendrick describes Isdal’s reaction to the new, uh, merch designs:

“We waited until Enslaved soundchecked and then all took our hoodies off, revealing the #IceFail shirt when they were about to start a song. Ivar was wearing one as well. Ice Dale laughed quite a bit, and probably felt a little embarrassed. But let’s get real…… when you’re a Norwegian rock god, these mortal things barely phase you. The dude shreds! Props to Ice Dale, and all of Enslaved for being such good sports.”

You can get more details on the incident over at Metal Injection. Amon Amarth’s tour with Enslaved and Skeletonwitch continues tonight in Chicago! Get dates here. Vince and I went earlier this week and had a blast, so we highly recommend you do not miss out!

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