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Junius: Days of the Fallen Stream


Junius - Days of the Fallen Sun

Don’t blame me, blame the band: I can’t remember where or when, but I’m pretty sure the whole “Morrissey Metal” tag came from one of their members (could be totally wrong here though). Like Scar Symmetry and “Death Jovi,” is just stuck. Sorry dudes, it’s just so accurate!

I say that lovingly, of course, because Junius are fantastic and so is there new EP Days of the Fallen Sun. MS scribe Excretakano gave it a very noteworthy four-out-of-five horns rating in which he described the band thusly:

For Junius neophytes, the Boston band is similar to Khoma, Ghost Brigade, or even Deftones in the way that they blend asteroid-impact-heavy music with lilting, clean-sung passages.  These are no good-cop/bad-cop conceits, but a complete surrender to the truly talented singer in their midst.  Joseph E. Martinez reinvents that bright voice so prevalent in all those British 80s pop bands I didn’t listen to – not sure if they were considered gothy or new wave or whatever – and plants it deep into the guitar rock equivalent of a 3D IMAX experience.

And so: stream Days of the Fallen Sun in full at right now to hear what all the fuss is about. The album comes out next Tuesday, February 18th; pre-order it here. Europeans can catch them on tour right now; dates here.

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