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Nile’s Karl Sanders Hate Cell Phones Too


Karl Sanders / Nile

KEN Mode declared war on cell phones in December when they threatened to kick away the cell phone of anyone who has the audacity to stand right in front of the stage and text during their show. And who could blame them? Not only are KEN Mode riveting live (so you should be watching them!), but that shit is just hella rude. We get it, you reeeeeeally need to talk to your mom/girlfriend/bff right at that moment… so step to the back!

Nile frontman/guitarist Karl Sanders can completely get down with that sentiment, although his particular gripe is with mostly with filming, and to a lesser extent texting. During a recent interview with Metal Wani he was asked about the sea of cell phones that inevitably appears at every show nowadays… and he’s not a fan.

How does it feel, when you are out on stage and you see a sea of cell-phones and cameras taking pictures and videos? Gone are the days when we used to see horns. How does this feel? 

There is something to that and I am glad you asked this. There is something I think we should share with fans because I don’t think fans realize. When you are taking your cell phone or video camera whatever and you are busy filming the show, you are not in the show. You are no longer a part of the experience. When people are involved with the show, you are listening to the band, watching them, you are headbanging, you are moshing, then you are part of the similar community experience. All of us are focused on the same energy and that’s an incredible experience. You can feel that, it’s real, the band and fans unite, they are together. So when I see fans filming the show, texting or whatever, they are missing out on a wonderful experience which hurts me, discourages me. It’s like what if you are in bed with your girlfriend and you are making love with her and she’s texting (laughs). It bothers me so much that if people do it right in front of me, I am going to take the phone from them. If they are going to stick the camera or whatever right in my face I am going to say “Fuck You, Go Away… Go 20 Feet back”, because that place right in the front is for someone who wants to get involved, and if you are texting then you are cheating that fan out of a place where he could be enjoying music.

Totally backed. In sentiment, anyway. In practicality, getting fans to stop using their cell phones at shows is almost certainly going to be a losing battle… and villainizing your fans is never a good idea.

Your thoughts?

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