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Anyone Wanna Go Motörboating?



Right now there are ten to one odds that if you hold a ticket to a Motörhead concert, you are gonna end up being free that evening. Still, The ‘Head are making plans with all the confidence of a band that hasn’t cancelled like a gajillion shows in the past year.

Motörhead’s latest announced event that I’m hopeful-yet-skeptical will actually happen: the band’s very own cruise! It’s called MotörBoat, which I think we can all agree is pretty much the best name for anything ever, and according to Metal Insider, it will “sail from Miami to Key West and Cozumel.” I think this would have been more fun back in the days when Lemmy was still able to drink and engage in all other manner of debauchery without fear of wearing out his pacemaker or forgetting to take his insulin shot, but the idea is certainly still intriguing.

Also, I believe Motörhead may be the biggest metal band to done of these cruises yet (keep in mind that the Motley Cruise only features Vince Neil, frowny face). So that’s kinda interesting. If it works out, maybe large other bands will follow suit. AC/DC Sick? Slayeraft? Lake of God (that one might be a slightly smaller affair)? The possibilities are endless, really.

No actual dates or line-up have been announced yet. We’ll let you know when they are.

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