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Bring Me the Horizon Balcony Jumper: “Welcome to Genuine Hardcore and Punk Culture”


Alex McCormickAlex McCormick (above), the twenty-three-year-old concertgoer who was arrested last week after he dove off of the balcony at a Bring Me the Horizon/Of Mice & Men/letlive. show and injured three other people in the process, has released the following statement (via Lambgoat):

“Not that being in jail is cool or anything but it’s definitely hilarious, to me, to see how people twist things. It’s a hardcore/punk culture atmosphere. If you didn’t come to the show to get wild and have a good time then why would you even show up? Stay home, nigga. People are moshing; punching each other in the face, kicking each other. People crowd surfing on people i.e. Far more wreckless behavior than my incident; ‘I jump. You catch me’. Lol, can’t believe I spent a week in jail for this bogusness considering the ‘victims’ were released from the hospital with no injuries according to a DT. Pff wha ever dude. I gotta mic handed to me and got to help close out a set to one of my favorite bands (letlive). I got to jump off a 20ft balcony and be caught by numerous, eager, fellow funtime havers. I don’t regret it. I’ll remember that day for as long as I live. Welcome to genuine hardcore and punk culture, Colorado! #508”

I agree that if you go to a metal or hardcore show, you should be prepared for a chaotic environment and possible injury because shit happens. That being said…

  1. Twenty-three year old white boys from the fifteenth wealthiest state in the U.S. will never, ever impress anyone with multiple brain cells by using the word “nigga.”
  2. Crowd surfing is not “far more wreckless [sic] behavior” than jumping from a balcony. The chances of injury from going limp and letting people pass you around like a beach ball aren’t zero, but they’re far less than jumping from twenty feet in the air with only other human beings to break your fall. Christ, eating at Taco Bell is more reckless than crowd surfing.
  3. I don’t know why people were apparently re-enacting The Warriors in the mosh pit, but I’d still argue that a mosh pit is a semi-contained area that can be mostly avoided by fans who don’t wish to participate. Whereas if you look up and some dude is about to land on you from twenty feet in the air, you are pretty much now a part of the situation whether you like it or not.
  4. Not one of the bands on this bill was genuine hardcore.
  5. Not one of the bands on this bill was genuine punk.

That’s it. You can now going back to being an idiot.

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