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There is a Book Featuring Metal Dudes Posing with Their Kitty Cats


Metal Cats

Move over, Bass Pro Shops catalogue: there’s a new toilet-time book coming to your bathroom! In the “because of course” department comes this tidbit from Metal Injection: photographer Alexandra Crockett is putting together a photo book of metal dudes posing with their cats. It’s called, appropriately, Metal Cats, and it’ll surely be the best material to help you squeeze out a loaf since those raggedy copies of Maxim your college roommate refused to throw away.

The book will include members of Isis, Lightning Swords of Death, Ghoul, Ludicra, Holy Grail, Xasthur, Cattle Decapitation, Murder Construct, Exhumed, Morbid Angel, Municipal Waste, Skeletonwitch, Gypsyhawk, Nausea, Phobia, Napalm Death and many, many more getting cuddly with their kitties. There’ll be 136 pages of irresistible cute grimness in all.

Metal Cats comes out on May 6th and can be pre-ordered here. Absolutely brilliant idea that I’m sure will sell billions of copies. Jelly I didn’t think of it myself.

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