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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: February 25, 2014


Lenore S Fingers

Once again the metal scene predicts world events: America did not win the coveted #1 Best Country Of All Time award at the Sochi Olympics. Likewise, our STCOT is dominated by new those that are not American. And by not American I mean unAmerican. And by unAmerican I mean traitorous. And by traitorous I mean excellent!


Sado Sathanas Nomos HarmartiaSado Sathanas
Nomos Harmartia (Naturmacht)
On a playlist with: Der Weg einer Freiheit, Secrets of the Moon, Verdunkeln
Listen “Nomos Harmartia” and “Codex Diaboli” (here)

What is atmosphere? What is that feeling? Is it like when you’re in a great concert hall and you feel like the ceiling is as high up as the sky? Or is it when you’re claustrophobic in some kind of back-ass den about to be stabbed? I think everyone experiences it differently — but it’s because of albums like Nomos Harmartia that we can experience it at all with heavy music. Sado Sathanas isn’t going to bring home gold with their newest, but damn is it a solid, creepy, spaced-out little gem. Oh, plus it’s German.


Vanden PlasVanden Plas
Chronicles Of The Immortals: Netherworld (Frontiers)
On a playlist with: Redemption, Threshold, Shadow Gallery
Listen “Godmaker” (here

Vanden Plas’s video for “Godmaker” is absolutely corny and cringeworthy, but I enjoy the song. And Chronicles Of The Immortals: Netherworld is pretty much the same, just full of moments that make you go “mmm ehh mmmkay actually.” You could call it a heavier version of your favorite straight-up prog band, but with the added bonus of passable vocals and a little bit of kick-ass. Still, in the end there is no excuse for the weird crusty shit on this dude’s face (1:15) or the inexpiable soul patch and leather garb combo (4:21).


The Kindred - Life in LucidityThe Kindred
Life In Lucidity (Sumerian)
On a playlist with: Misery Signals, Norma Jean, Junius
Listen “Heritage” (here) “Decades” (here) “Everbound” (here)
Read Sammy O’Hagar MetalSucks review (here)

Two things can ruin an excellent band: bad drumming and/or bad vocals. You can get away with simplistic guitars and bass, and you can definitely get away with bad organization and indifference to convention by tagging “post-” as a prefix to your genre of choice. But, it’s like a deal-breaker if vocals are unlistenable. See, bands like Periphery have repurposed pop singers for a vibe that jibes with the artistic bent of the band. But where in the fuck did The Kindred find this guy?


Devil's Heaven Heaven On EarthDevil’s Heaven
Heaven On Earth (Helldiver)
On a playlist with: Reckless Love, Crazy Lixx, Hardcore Superstar
Listen “Demertial Action” (here)

So why did record labels choose Tuesdays to release new records? I’ve been doing STCOT for nearly a year and I’ve never questioned it. How about you guys populate the comments section below with your ideas (or maybe you actually found out why which I’m way too lazy to do) while you watch the video for “Demertial Action.” Warning: SFW boobs that may distract you and/or prompt you to open NSFW links elsewhere at no liability to MetalSucks*.


Agael TrostAgael
Trost (Naturmacht)
On a playlist with: Nachtfalke, Endstille, Absurd
Listen “Sterenklang” and “Trost” (here)

More Germans. And like the Sado Sathanas record (above), this Trost evokes atmosphere. That oceanic feeling — lost at sea, where the fuck is my life raft or plank of wood that can definitely fit two? Recording quality notwithstanding, Trost is actually a release to be held up to the light of most big-named post-metal bands these days. I’ll let you name them. It’s only unfortunate that when the light shines through, it comes out the same on the other side. Not a game-changer.


Jagged Vision Harvest EarthJagged Vision
Harvest Earth (Retro Futurist)
On a playlist with: The Haunted, Destrage, Kvelertak
Listen Harvest Earth full stream (here

You ever notice how the Scandinavians have a fucking grip-lock on modern party thrash? Maybe it’s because of the snow or weird daylight/nighttime fluctuations. Maybe it’s because of their all-out rock/party attitude day and night (lol jk or am I jk?). But I love it. I love how albums like Harvest Earth sound like the perfect soundtrack to movies like this. Yes, it’s on Netflix, and yes, you should watch it now. Thank me later.

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Atacama Death Experience Wasted Time And Broken Bones (Cimmerian Shade) listen
Aypheros Ascendet Novissima Tua (PRC) listen listen
Chthonic Ián-Bú DVD (Eagle Rock) watch
Doom’s Day The Devil’s Eyes (PRC) listen
» Esoteric Youth/Caïna split (Swarm Of Nails) listen
Horizon AblazeHopeless Youth Disgust (Candlelight) listen
» Horizon Ablaze Dødsverk (Code 666) listen
House Of Lords Precious Metal (Frontiers) listen
Jesters Of Destiny Fun At The Funeral reissue (Ektro) listen listen
¤ Lenore S. Fingers Inner Tales (My Kingdom) listen
Lethal Dosage Consume (Battleground) listen listen
Metalocalypse The Doomstar Requiem: A Klok Opera soundtrack vinyl (BS) listen
Morfin Inoculation» Morfin Inoculation (FDA Rekotz) listen listen
Omnium Gatherum The Redshift reissue (Candlelight) listen
Stamina Perseverance (My Kingdom) listen
W.E.T. One Live — In Stockholm CD/DVD (Frontiers) listen
Will Of The Ancients To Our Glorious Dead (PRC) listen
With Increase Death Is Inevitable (Blood & Ink) listen
The Wounded Kings Consolamentum (Candlelight) listen listen


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