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St. Vincent: “I Love Pantera. I F*cking Love Dimebag Darrell!”


St Vincent / Dimebag Darrell

In case you didn’t believe us before that pop-star St. Vincent (her momma calls her Annie Clark) is a huge metalhead, here’s some new fodder for ya.

Apparently she’s been tweeting lately that hard rock and heavy metal were a huge influence on her new self-titled record, which just came out. So an interviewer for Toazted decided to ask her about that, even daring to suggest she might be kidding, or doing so ironically. “I love heavy metal. Are you serious? I fucking love it.” You tell ’em, Annie! Here’s the interview cued up to the segment in question:

OK, so she cops to never having heard of Celtic Frost, but at least she has the general awareness to realize that the metal she grew up listening to during her suburban Texas upbringing is “a little bit more of the pop-metal side of things,” including Slayer, Maiden, Judas Priest, Pantera, etc.

She goes on to talk about a song on her new record called “Bring Me Your Loves” which she claims was directly inspired by Texas’ greatest metal export:

There’s a song on the record called “Bring Me Your Loves,” that — I probably shouldn’t reveal it — but I was listening to a lot of Turkish folk music and Pantera, and there’s a riff in there that is a little tip of the hat to “Cowboys From Hell.”

Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it: the first and only time “Turkish folk music” and “Cowboys From Hell” will ever appear in a sentence together. Here’s the song in question, and, you know what? I totally hear it! I also really like it.

Thanks: Tom L.

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