Bret Michaels: Currently the Thorn in Poison’s Rose

Bret Michaels and Rikki Rockett
© Victory Tischler-Blue / Desert Studios LA

“Every rose has its thorn,” Bret Michaels famously sings in Poison’s 1988 philosophical treatise on love and loss — and right now, it would appear that Mr. Michaels himself is the thorn in Poison’s otherwise-beautiful rose. Drummer Rikki Rockett recently took to Twitter, as all master negotiators do, to publicly shame the band’s vocalist:

Unfortunately, all this tweet really accomplished was to remind everyone that Bret Michaels is by far the most successful member of Poison. I mean, it’s not like anyone read this tweet and thought, “Hm, is it Bobby Dall?” Only one member of the band had multiple reality shows and solo albums  and a film career and an adult film career and a fragrance and a line of pet products and an autobiography that may actually be released one day and a profound passion for meteorology. Whereas for all we know C.C. DeVille could be cryogenically preserved when Poison isn’t working. Three-fourths of this band gets off tour and it’s as though they don’t exist.

Which isn’t Michaels’ fault. I’d tell Rockett that if he’s so desperate for attention he should get his own reality show and fragrance and line of pet products and excuse to appear on niche cable channels, but the fact is, nobody really cares about Rikki Rockett, and I doubt he could have any of those things even if he really wanted to. So, really, his tweet might as well have said this:

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 11.55.44 AM

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