What the...??

Not Even Kidding: This Drummer is a Cyborg

  • Axl Rosenberg

So I just saw this video of drummer Jason Barnes on Gear Gods and WHAT IN THE SWEET MOTHER OF FUCK?!?!

So, a few random thoughts about Mr. Barnes:

  1. Holy shit.
  2. Wow, the future really is amazing, isn’t it?
  3. Holy SHIT.
  4. OMG I bet Rick Allen is SO PO’D right now.
  6. Will other drummers consider this to be cheating? Does Barnes have an unfair advantage?
  8. Can Barnes negotiate a peace treaty between Mankind and Compressorhead?
  9. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Barnes will be performing with with musicians from Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, Kennesaw State University Music Department, and Atlanta Institute of Music. The concert will be free at Bailey Performance Center at Kennesaw State University on March 22nd. I completely plagiarized those last two sentences from Gear Gods EiC , so I’d like to thank him for writing it!

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