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Ex and Current Periphery Vocalists Release New Electronic Tracks


Periphery Vocalists

It’s remarkable how much all the guys who’ve held the mic for Periphery have a certain type of voice. Like, clearly Misha Mansoor knew exactly what he wanted in a singer even when the band was just him and his laptop, and it just came down to finding a guy that was the most committed and meshed well personality-wise with him and the rest of the guys he’d end up recruiting.

Check out this new track by Casey Sabol, the second Periphery vocalist (Oh, Sleeper guitarist/vocalist Shane Blay and Cartographer‘s Brandon Covington guest on the track). Then compare it to the new sample posted immediately after of Spencer Sotelo’s Endur project. Then compare that to the work Periphery vocalist #3 Chris Barretto has been doing recently with Monuments these days. All totally in the same register / same kind of vibe. The lone exception here is original Periphery screamer Jake Veredika who didn’t sing much at all… but I guess that could be the reason he didn’t stick around for long (check out the demo of “Icarus Lives!” with Veredika’s vocals below as well — totally different than the version we’re all accustomed to hearing).

It’s also interesting that Sabol and Sotelo’s new solo tracks dabble in the electronic realm. Not sure what to make of that, but it’s worth noting.

[via The PRP]

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