This is Why You Suck at Sweep Picking


This is Why You Suck at Guitar

You suck at sweep picking. This much I’m sure of. But what exactly is it about your shitty technique that makes you a hack? I can’t quite articulate it but guitarist Ben Eller can, and he’s done exactly that in the fourth installment of This Is Why You Suck at Guitar, a series of online lessons he’s publishing via YouTube.

Lest he be all sour grapes, Eller gets constructive by telling you how to improve your sweep picking skills over the course of 20+ minutes. He covers everything from how to angle and grip the pick for the best effect, how to position your elbow and wrist, and various other tips for both your right and left hands. Aspiring sweep pickers: take note! This kind of advice often doesn’t come for free.

[via Metal Injection]

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