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Streamer of the Witch: Listen to the Entire New Ringworm Album Right Now!


Ringworm - Hammer of the Witch

It’s been a long time coming (we first started hearing songs from this album back in August of last year!) but Ringworm’s new album Hammer of the Witch is finally upon us! As Ringworm have gradually moved more towards a thrash sound and away from their straight hardcore attack over the years, so too has my appreciation for the band grown. Hammer of the Witch is chock full o’ riff insanity, breakneck tempos, scorching guitar solos and all out sonic warfare — really the only remnant of the band’s older hardcore sound that remains is vocalist James “Human Furnace” Bulloch’s patented yell. I cannot wait to see them live at South By South Death on Friday!

Stream Hammer of the Witch in full over at Invisible Oranges. The album comes out next Tuesday, March 18th and can be ordered here.

All you gear-heads out there: make sure you check out the column guitarist Matt Sorg wrote for us about his live rig.

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