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Suffokate Locate Vocalist Matthew Krawchuk — But Don’t Reveal Where He Was


Matthew Krawchuk SelfieOn Saturday, Suffokate reported that their vocalist, Matthew Aaron Scott Krawchuk, a.k.a. “Matty Kay,” had been missing since the conclusion of their performance at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA the night prior, even going so far as to contact the local police. So I’m relieved to report that, according to lead guitarist Miguel Esparza in this new video on the band’s Facebook page, Krawchuck “was found, his girlfriend let us know he’s okay.”

Unfortunately, that’s ALL the information provided. We still have no idea why Krawchuck disappeared, where he went, if he’s still in the band, or any other details.

Now, not being a fan of Suffokate, really, all I care about is that Krawchuck is fine. But I do think alarming your fans in such a manner and then providing no explanation whatsoever is a pretty shitty thing to do. At the very least, Esparza could have been like, “This is a personal matter and we prefer not to comment at this time.” But for all we know, Krawchuck was abducted by the aliens in which Frankie Palmeri believes.

Oh well. This isn’t the first time a musician from a shitty band has pulled a stunt like this.

ANYWAY, I’m glad Krawchuck is okay so I can go back to making fun of him and the other members of Suffokate without feeling guilty. Guys, your music still sucks. Please consider breaking up and taking jobs that are actually useful to society — e.g., cashiers, janitors, Subway sandwich artists, etc. K thanks.

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