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Best of SXSW 2014: Truckfighters


MetalSucks Best of SXSW 2014


Holy shit, you guys. Truckfighters!

Somehow I’d remained immune to the buzz surrounding Truckfighters these past few months (and years) despite the fact that they released their new album Universe in February. I downloaded the album promo on a whim the week before SXSW, and I was instantly hooked.

I’d been ignoring them because I’d foolishly assumed they were just another typical beardo stoner rock band. Not so, at all! So much more. Sure, they have plenty of big, burly, fuzzed out riffs, but they’ve a got a sense of calm melody about them that almost reminds me of a heavier Foo Fighters. And the SONGS, people, it’s all about songs in the end. Truckfighters songs are the cat’s pajamas, guaranteed to get stuck in your head after just one listen.

The timing of my Truckfighters discovery was serendipitous, as it allowed me to catch them at SXSW for free, a 1pm live set on Wednesday, March 12th at the G Pen Annex on 6th St. and Red River. The band could’ve been lifeless and I still would’ve been into it — those songs! — but their live show takes things to a whole new level. I’d been planning on waiting until a bit later in the day to drink, but when Truckfighters started kicking ass I couldn’t help it: 1 o’clock was apparently Beer Thirty.

Shirtless guitarist Dango (all current and former band members take names that end with “o”) pranced all over the stage liked a whacked out Angus Young, making silly rock faces and eye contact with the sparse early afternoon crowd. Frontman and bassist Ozo countered with a calming, almost Cobain-like presence, his long hair draped over his face as he crooned into the mic. Drummer Enzo is a precise, pocket, finesse player, exactly what a groove-oriented band like Truckfighters requires.

Go see this band if you get the chance; you’re guaranteed to have a great time. Can’t wait until they come back to New York.

The below footage taken at SXSW is not the set I saw, but it’s great nonetheless:

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