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You’ll Never Believe Who White Wizzard Got to be Their New Vocalist


At this point, you’d pretty much need to be a bona fide moron to think that White Wizzard is a real band, and not just Jon Leon’s solo project. But I guess Mr. Leon either finally ran out of musicians he could sucker into deeply inhaling his farts, or otherwise finally just said “Fuck it.” ‘Cause he is now the new lead vocalist for White Wizzard. I’ve heard he’s also looking into a radical new surgery which will attach multiple extra limbs to his torso so that he can also be the band’s new co-guitarist, bassist, and drummer.

Leon made the announcement on the most recent episode of the Talking Metal podcast, and immediately thereafter released the appropriately-titled “Marathon of Dreams,” his debut as his solo project’s lead vocalist. The project’s most recent drummer, Devin Lebsack, is apparently still with the outfit, and also appears on the track, as does Falling in Reverse guitarist Jacky Vincent, who provides the solo. While Lebsack will remain a member of White Wizzard until he can’t stand it anymore or Leon fires him (whichever comes first), apparently the plan is to hire session musicians to fill-out the band’s line-up on tour. This will be especially important since, as “Dreams” demonstrates, Leon is incapable of hitting the high notes, and therefore can’t perform 99% of White Wizzard’s other material.

Here’s the super-duper incredibly mind-blowing artwork for “Marathon of Dreams”…

Whitee Wizzard - Marathon of Dreams

…and here’s the song itself:

One last note: while researching this post on the White Wizzard Wikipedia page, I came across this little gem of information:

“On January 1, 2014, Jon Leon was the featured cover model on the ‘Metal Methheads Monthly’ pay porn site.”

Which is hilarious… but I think it’s also untrue, just someone (probably a former member of White Wizzard!) having fun at Leon’s expense. I can’t find any such website. If someone can verify that this actually happened, please, PLEASE, let us know.

Thanks: Shitbird

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