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Members of the Gwar Extended Family Comment on Dave Brockie’s Passing


We’re all still reeling from the most unexpected death of Dave Brockie late Sunday, but somehow it feels cathartic to know that other people are grieving too.

Gwar’s manager Jack Flanagan released a statement, members of the metal community at large from several famous bands have offered their words of tribute, and now members of the Gwar extended family — a costume builder, merch store manager, ex-members of the band and artists from the Richmond community — have been brought together in a news report on the local Richmond TV station WTVR.

Man, those are some gigantic shoes… errr, costumes, to fill. I hope Dave went out in style, watching re-reruns of classic Redskins games. While complaining about their racist name, natch.

[via The PRP]

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