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Alter Bridge’s Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy Love Gojira, Black Metal, Slayer


Alter Bridge are Metal

The kind of hard rock Alter Bridge play doesn’t appeal to many MetalSucks readers, but fans of the band know how legit these guys are: Tremonti is an incredible player (his old band be damned), Myles Kennedy has unbelievable pipes (see also: his work with Slash) and the band collectively writes some really good music.

They’re also for really real metalheads.

This entertaining clip Fuse TV shot with the band follows Tremonti and Kennedy through a day in NYC including an in-studio radio performance and shopping sprees in a record store and a guitar shop, and we really get to know the heavier side of the band.

Exhibit A: Myles Kennedy is wearing a Gojira t-shirt

Exhibit B: Tremonti, while perusing records at venerable NYC store Generation: “There was a period when I was kind of in between speed metal and punk. I liked Bad Brains, I liked Minor Threat, I liked Black Flag. But at the same time I liked Slayer, Celtic Frost, Metallica. I’d say riff-wise I take a lot from Slayer.” Also, Kennedy browsing Mastodon, GG Allin and Cripple Bastards records.

Exhibit C: Tremonti: “I would listen to it with the volume down, because I listened to a lot of black metal and I didn’t want my parents to hear all the ‘worship satan’ lyrics. My housekeepers would come in when I was young and tell my parents that I worshiped the devil because of all my posters, so I had to watch it.”

So there ya go. Here’s there’s latest album Fortress, released last year. Maybe you’ll like it.

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