Melvins’ King Buzzo is Not a Fan of Dave Grohl



Never have I ever heard anyone utter a bad word about Dave Grohl. He’s like the Ronnie James Dio of modern rock music! Everyone loves the guy, he loves everyone, and there’s nothing but earnest goodness emanating from his pores. Remember the Pig-Pen characters from the old Peanuts cartoons? The kid who was constantly enveloped in a stinky dust cloud. Dave Grohl is like the polar opposite of that: wherever he goes, a giant cloud of fun vibes follows. The guy could walk into a crowded room, drop the raunchiest rotten egg fart of all time and still have everyone lapping up his jokes.

Unless you’re King Buzzo, I guess. The Melvins frontman played a show at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago this past Saturday night and told a six-minute story between songs about his relationship with the former Nirvana drummer / Foo Fighters mainman, going back to his days in ’80s punk band Scream. Let’s be fair, Buzzo doesn’t say he hates Grohl, but he speaks very dismissively of his success in a tone that comes off as very sour grapes. I gotta admit, the punchline’s pretty funny though; make sure you stick with it through the end.

Thanks: Charlie F.

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