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Earache Records Sues Century Media


Earache CenturyVenerable metal label Earache Records is barely more than a year through its three-year distribution deal with Century Media, but it appears the partnership has already hit a pretty big snag. Entertainment Law Digest (holy shit, there really is a website for every fucking subject known to Man) reports that Earache has filed a suit against CM, alleging both that they’re owed $250,000 in licensing fees, and that they’ve failed to release Earache’s back catalog, which was supposedly part of the initial agreement between the two labels.

The article continues:

“‘Without each album being released in the U.S. during the term of the agreement, it is impossible for Earache Records to earn royalties in the U.S. market (in this case, for several years), and fulfill its obligations to its artists,’ the 17-page lawsuit states. (Parentheses in complaint.)

“To duck two advance payments of $125,000, Century Family’s lawyers sent the British label a letter that falsely accused it of breaching the licensing agreement, the complaint states. Earache calls that a ‘transparent pretext’ for delaying payment.

“As well as defaulting on the fees, Century Family allegedly used album artwork and set release dates without Earache’s approval. The U.S. company failed to account for royalties in a timely manner, Earache adds.”

In addition to the $250K in damages, Earache is attempting to get an injunction against Century to prevent them from continuing to distribute Earache releases in the United States.

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