Necrolust: War Master, Harassor, Iron Force, Tare


Necrolust 03_28_2014

I was originally going to make this “Necrolust: The SXSW Edition” but realized that no one cares about SXSW anymore now that it’s over, and also I only saw like two new bands (and Soundgarden. Chris Cornell, why so sad??), so instead here are a few things I’ve been obsessing over since I got home. 

Also, while trying to find more information about Tare, I came across a page for Vike Tare. I used to love that band – anyone remember them? No? Okay, cool.


I already half-knew that this band was going to rule before I clapped eyes on them, but their hell-thrashing, wild-eyed set at Beerland last week sealed the deal. Despite the name, these Texas dudes sound next to nothing like Bolt Thrower. Instead, War Master plays mid-paced-to-screaming fast death/thrash with power, conviction, and not a little menace, raised up on Possessed and Master and left to rot. The guitar tone is blissfully dirty, vocalist and ex-Insect Warfare shrieker Rahi Geramifar is a fucking lunatic on the mic (not least because he came out brandishing a goddamn sword) and bassist Trans Am (ex-Ancient VVisdom, currently of HOD) battered his four-string like it smacked his mama. Their recorded stuff sounds a little slower, but that rips, too. Don’t miss their set at MDF!


I could’ve sworn that I’ve written about Los Angeles black metal freaks Harassor before, but if not, shame on me, ‘cause they’re pretty much the only thing I like about LA. They’re back with a new split (with Kentucky blasphemers Glass Coffin) and it’s business as usual with gritty, lo-fi, and bizarrely catchy black metal dashed with devilish punk. Raw, ugly, and at times almost melodic, the two bands make for a perfect fit. Harassor is at the top of their game here. Black metal/punk is one of my favorite sub-sub-genres, and I’m glad we’ve got bands like these keeping that flame burning.

Listen to tracks from both bands here, and check out Harassor’s latest full-length below:


I am so stoked that there’s a band like this in NYC. High energy, no fucks given, rough-edged speed metal from the bowels of Brooklyn, played by the same bunch of lovable dirtbags I see propping up the bar every weekend, playing with various other local bands, and fistbanging down the front of every heavy metal show. Iron Force’s first release is packed with hellish solos, thrashy riffs, gravelly howls, d-beaten drums and ballsy attitude, without a whiff of pretension or nerdery. I want to see these dudes play with Midnight and Speedwolf so, so bad. Catch them opening for Sadistic Intent at the Acheron on May 9th. Total support!

Listen to their brand new EP, Executed, below:


Eternal Death is rapidly becoming one of my favorite emerging labels, and this newest release only helps their case. Tare’s Ritual Degradation is due out next month, and while there’s not much info available about the band itself (word is that they’re from San Francisco) the riffs really say it all. I’m getting a super strong Finnish vibe (think Horna, Sargeist, et al) from this one, and that’s never a bad thing! The whole record is streaming on Eternal Death’s Bandcamp page, so if you’re in the mood for some bleakly melodic black metal grimness, do yourself a favor and check it out. Pick your poison: mp3, or cassette.

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