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Kittie Did Not Get You the Perfect Bologna Sandwich


I can sit atop my throne of instant ramen noodle lunches with no pants on and spit vitriol at Kittie from behind my golden keyboard all day — but the ladies in Kittie will have the last laugh.

See, last week, the band hinted at a big announcement, and I was all “Oh whatever Kittie sucks.” But then Kittie actually made the big announcement — that they were launching a campaign to crowdfund a 20th anniversary documentary DVD and book — and then they hit their goal of raising $20,000 in eight hours. Eight hours! I honestly had no idea that Kittie were still so popular. I mean, I never, ever hear anyone use the word “kittie” in casual conversation unless they’re referring to the animal, but I guess that’s just indicative of my friends’ taste in music, and not the tastes of the world at large.

In any case, if you’d still like to contribute to the campaign, you can do so here. Prizes/rewards/whatever include the below poster, which features most of Kittie’s various members from over the years… although either conspicuously absent or wholly unrecognizable are Lisa Marx (who I only remember because she went on to be in Winds of Plague) and Thine Eyes Bleed’s Jeff Phillips (who I only remember was in Kittie because someone from his then-label specifically asked me not to mention that he used to be Kittie when covering Thine Eyes Bleed, LOL).

Kittie Anniversary Poster[via Metal Insider]

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