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This Rap Fan’s Guide to Metal is Complex


a rap fans guide to metal

Do you know any rap fans looking to get into metal? Well, boy oh boy, has Complex got an article for you: “A Rap Fan’s Guide to Metal,” a primer on extreme music as it pertains to lovers of hip-hop. Some choice examples of the manner in which this is accomplished:

“A brief note on ‘black metal.’ This is not metal made by black people, rather a Norwegian offshoot of heavy metal who actually took the over-the-top “Satanic” imagery of early ’80s bands like Venom seriously.”


“Think of [Slayer’s Reign in Blood] as metal’s Yeezus.”


“Lemmy emerged as the patron saint of all things metal, its Biggie and Pac. (And for the record, Lemmy was up on ‘Ace of Spades’ long before Jay Z.)”


“It wouldn’t be out of line to compare Metallica to Run DMC, as both contributed heavily to the worldwide acceptance of their style of music, and set the stage for all to come.”


“[KISS are] a more shameless—and admittedly more influential—version of MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice, a tremendously successful commercial band wishing desperately for critical acclaim that will never, ever come.”

Read the entire thing here.

Thanks: Tommy Stinsonbaum

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