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Suffokate Vocalist Matthew Krawchuk Disappears Again, Claims He Got Deported to Canada


Matthew Krawchuk / Suffokate

The ongoing drama between Suffokate and [apparently now ex?] vocalist Matthew Krawchuk just keeps getting weirder and weirder!

Krawchuk mysteriously disappeared after a Suffokate show at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA on Friday, March 14 and the band posted a panicked message on their Facebook page in an attempt to hunt him down. Three days later the band announced he’d been found, but didn’t give any information as to his whereabouts during his absence. The whole thing seemed shady but that seemed like the end of that, we resumed making fun of Suffokate once again and order was restored in the world.

Except of course it wasn’t the end. MS reader Tanner H. tipped us off to a short video Krawchuk posted on his Instagram account this past weekend in which he said he was no longer in the band because he “fucked up.” Krawchuk apparently thought better of it because that video has now been removed, but I saw it with my very own eyes before it was pulled.

But that’s not all! Krawchuk allegedly didn’t show up to the band’s show at the Extreme Thing Festival in Las Vegas on Saturday, prompting drummer Lars Diaz to post the below video message on Facebook [ripped and posted by Lambgoat to ensure preservation for prosperity]. Diaz makes it sounds as if Krawchuk explained his absence by claiming that he was deported back to Canada, but Diaz sounds mighty skeptical. Watch:

It does sound mighty unlikely that Krawchuk would’ve been picked up by immigration police whilst walking down the streets of Las Vegas, although I suppose you never know. More than likely something way more nefarious was going on… or Krawchuk is just a massive flake… but clearly there’s a whole lot more here than meets the eye.

So, apparently Suffokate are looking for a new vocalist once again. Anyone without adequately sized ear gauges need not apply.

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