Otep Shamaya Claims She’s Not Part of Mayhem Fest 2014 Because of “Openly Homophobic” Corporate Sponsor

  • Axl Rosenberg

otep smash

Why isn’t Otep a part of this year’s Mayhem Festival? This is a question which occurred to dozens of Otep fans when the fest’s line-up was announced yesterday, if no one else. Still, Otep Shamaya took to Twitter to provide an answer to this very mystery that most of us didn’t even know was a mystery!

The accusation that Rockstar Energy Drink is “openly homophobic” is one I hadn’t heard before; according to this article tweeted out by a fan in response to Shamaya’s claims, it’s not an uncommon allegation, but one the company has fought hard to dispell, going so far to “to donate $100,000 to GLBT organizations.”

So is there any truth to Shamaya’s accusations, or is this just sour grapes? Regular MS readers know we take discrimination very seriously, but as of right now, Shamaya hasn’t really sold me on her argument. Of course you, our beloved readers, are always free to disagree with me. Debate amongst yourselves in the comments section below.

[via The PRP]

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