Bolshevik Tom Morello to Induct Ultimate Capitalists from KISS into Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame


die under the heel of kiss

Have you guys seen people online totally losing their shit over KISS’ Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame Induction? Fans are freaking out because Gene and Paul refuse to perform with Ace and Peter, who, in turn, refuse to perform with the Ace and Peter Pod People Gene and Paul have hired to replace them, who I don’t think are even being inducted anyway. So, basically, KISS is now replaying the Guns N’ Roses RN’R HoF drama from a couple of years ago. I can’t speak for Vince or any other writer at MS, but, personally, that’s why I haven’t felt compelled to cover any of this shit. Who didn’t see it coming that Gene and Paul would want their employees there even though their contribution to the band’s legacy is basically nothing? It’s déjà vu all over again.

But the announcement that Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello will induct KISS into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame did perk my interest. Because it just seems so… wrong, doesn’t it? I mean, while Tom Morello was occupying Wall Street, Gene Simmons was endorsing Mitt Romney. Tom Morello’s band is named after a euphemism for “revolution,” Gene Simmons thinks America should be run like a corporation. Tom Morello would never allow RATM merch to be made in sweatshops, while Gene probably insists on it. The two being associated just seems weird.

Lecture me on the importance of separating ideals from art in the comments section below.

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