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Got 4 Minutes and 44 Seconds? Listen to the Entire New Iron Reagan EP!


Iron Reagan

Doesn’t it feel like Iron Reagan just released a record? Oh snap, they did: a split with Exhumed that came out in December. But such is the brilliance and magic of a band that writes songs that average around 20 seconds long! You can crank ’em out.

And that’s just what Iron Reagan have done with their Spoiled Identity EP, thirteen tracks of crossover thrash mayhem that combine for a grand total of four minutes and 44 seconds of running time. Other than the title track, a whopping minute and four seconds long, the lengthiest song is 38 seconds. Iron Reagan ain’t fuckin’ around.

My personal favorite: “Your Kid’s An Asshole,” which I remember them playing live at South By South Death last month. Touché!

Spoiled Identity is available for name-your-own-price via Bandcamp and will also be available as a 7″ EP as part of Decibel’s ongoing Flexi Disc series. Stream it below.

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