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3 are Livin’ the “Sugarlife”


3 - Sugarlife

I must’ve missed the news when it was first announced, but sometime between 2011 and now, not-quite-metal-but-SO-METAL prog masters, 3, parted ways with Metal Blade. But the glass-is-half-empty kinda dudes that they are, they’re turning what some might see as a negative into a positive: according to Metal Underground, 3 “plan to release one new song every month for the forseeable future.” I dunno about you folks, but that news tickles me pink.

The have now released the first of these new songs, “Sugarlife,” which you can check out below. It is every bit as sweet as its title would suggest (although maybe I should listen more closely to the lyrics — that art up top suggests the song might not be about a very nice subject). Enjoy:

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