Cinemetal Round-Up: New Videos from Insomnium, Emmure, Saliva, Timo Tolkki’s Avalon Featuring Timo Tolkki


I’m going to put about as much effort into this introduction as Otep Shamaya puts into making sure her excuses are plausible.

We begin today with “While We Sleep,” the Insonium video who premiered earlier today on No Clean Singing. The clip is a perfectly serviceable version of a metal video you’ve seen eighteen thousand times before, but the song is wwwwaaaayyyy better than the last single Insomnium released, so it’s still worth a watch.

Speaking of sleeping… We continue with “Like LaMotta,” the latest video from universally acclaimed critics’ darlings, Emmure. Even though boxer Jake LaMotta is from the Bronx and was even known as “The Bronx Bull,” Emmure opted to shoot the clip in their own home borough of Queens, either because Frankie Palmeri didn’t have a metro card, or because Frankie Palmeri can’t read a subway map. ANYWAY, if you’re curious, I’m

Speaking of not knowing your elbow from your asshole, did you know that Saliva are still around? And that their only recognizable member, vocalist Josey Scott, is no longer in the band? Don’t feel bad if you had no idea — their rocket scientist fans probably don’t, either. And this song certainly ain’t gonna help ’em figure it out: it’s clearly trying to duplicate the success of the band’s breakthrough hit, “Click Click Boom,” which was the song that wasn’t P.O.D.’s “Boom,” in case you forgot.

And we conclude today with “X,” from Timo Tolkki’s Avalon featuring Timo Tolkki. It also features Floor Jansen from Nightwish, but for some reason, she doesn’t get a possessive credit. I bet she didn’t stand up for herself during negotiations. C’mon, lady! Just because your name is Floor doesn’t mean you hafta let people walk all over you!!!

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