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Noneuclid Can Plague My Soul Any Day


Noneuclid - Metatheosis

“The Plague of the Black Soul,” the new Noneuclid song currently streaming at NPR, doesn’t remind me of peas — it reminds me of peanut butter (specifically, chunky peanut butter). It’s thick. It’s opaque. It’s crunchy. It’s shit colored. But it’s also SO SWEET, and so, so hard not to gorge upon. This song is based around an AWESOME elephants marching riff, and it’s plenty groovy to boot; select guitar bends actually sound like the elephants are screaming as they march (it’s a whole new subgenre, like blackened post-deathcore or whatever!). I have yet to hear the rest of the band’s new album, Metatheosis, but if the rest of it is this good… whooooo-wee!, we are in for a treat.

Not that it’s shocking that this is so good: the band members’ other credits include Obscura (bassist Linus Klausenitzer), Triptykon (guitarist V. Santura), and Dark Fortress (Santura as well as vocalist Morean and drummer Seraph). But still! Did I mention that the marching elephants are also SCREAMING???

Stream “The Plague of the Black Soul” here. Metatheosis Comes out May 6 on Blood Music.

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