Future Islands Full Set, Pro-Shot from Coachella!!!


Oh, how I wish I was there! I could care less about the majority of bands at Coachella this year, but to see Future Islands live again… five times at SXSW last month was simply not enough!

Those dance moves! Those death growls!! Not sure if because Future Islands have been getting so much positive reinforcement from the metal community as of late, but it seems as if Samuel T. Herring is utilizing his death bellow a whole lot more now than ever before, even just one month ago — check out the opening number, or “Tin Man” at 18:00. Their new album Singles is fantastic — I’ve listened to it probably 10 times (at least!) since purchasing it on the day it came out — but I was disappointed to learn that, aside from the super-intense track “Fall From Grace” there’s nary a growl anywhere to be heard. Come on dude, show off those pipes!

So, this performance at Coachella. It’s electric! Most of the audience clearly has no idea what they’re watching. The palm tree background is a nice touch. Thanks to Rob at Metal Injection for the tip.

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