New Young and in the Way Song “Be My Blood” is the Scariest Thing You Will Hear Today


Young and in the Way truly scare me. As in, would not wanna run into these guys in a back alley. The types of dudes that I’d see in the East Village as a kid in the ’80s that would make me clutch my mom or dad’s hand tightly. Absolutely petrifying!

Their music is pretty much the same way: it sounds like gargling a mixture of razor blades, acid and pig guts, but, fortunately, as a seasoned adult I’ve learned to appreciate such things instead of running to mommy and daddy, which is truly what this music makes me want to do. There isn’t much out there right now that’s heavier!

The premiere of “Be My Blood” comes to us via Cvlt NationWhen Life Comes to Death comes out on May 27th via Deathwish.

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