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Exclusive premiere: A MEMORIA BROODED new single (brought 2 u by SYWH)


amb conduit

If u are like me, you life your life “chasing the mosh dragon,” always looking for that next band who will give you the rush you felt when u heard the breakdown in “Domination” for the first time. And while u may never get quite as high as that first time, the good news is that there is a band who consistently raises the bar for the #sludgewave movement– Pasadena’s own A MEMORIA BROODED. I am very excited to announce that STUFF U WILL HATE and TOTAL DEATHCORE have partnered to bring u their new single “Conduit”:

I am proud of these guys, who have come a long way from their humble beginnings as derpy 16 year-olds playing drop G on Stratocasters with .45 strings, praying to god that the necks wouldn’t snap off and poke someone’s eye out. With the addition of my close personal friend Ty Acord on drums (he also DJs in my favorite band of the last 5 years ISSUES) they are truly a force 2 b reckoned with at the forefront of the #sludgewave scene. ARE U DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS?????

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