Shane Blay Plans to Pull Double Duty in Wovenwar and Oh, Sleeper

Photo by Michael Mullenix
Photo by Michael Mullenix

Oops: earlier this week, when Shane Blay was officially announced as the vocalist for Wovenwar — the new project featuring 4/5ths of As I Lay Dying — I assumed that meant he was leaving his other band, Oh, Sleeper, and even credited him as being “formerly of Oh, Sleeper.” I don’t think I was alone in making this error… but it was an error. Blay clarifies via Oh, Sleeper’s Facebook page:

“To put to rest the rumors that I’m leaving Oh Sleeper I tell you this: Micah and I started this band 8 years ago and have stayed with it through the thick and thin. That is still the case. Its tattoo’d on my chest for crying out loud. As long as Oh Sleeper is a band, I’ll be in it.”

So now Oh, Sleeper fans can rest a little easier, and the rest of us, I assume, can prepare for a lot of Wovenwar/Oh, Sleeper tours.

Wovenwar’s debut single, “All Rise,” drops April 21. Metal Blade will release the band’s self-titled debut album at some point in the late summer.

[via Metal Underground]

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