Sworn Enemy’s Living on Borrowed Time: Nothing Changes, and Nothing Will


“Nothing changes/and nothing will.”

And with that lyrical couplet, Sworn Enemy writes their own review.

Yeah, a lot’s changed for the NYC hardcore vets… like pretty much half their lineup since their last album in 2009 (and if you want to go way back, frontman Sal Lococo’s now the only remaining original SE member).

But old or new,  it’s still the same hardcore tropes: unity, fighting back, learning the hard way, staying true to yourself, etc., all filtered through chanted choruses and requisite breakdowns.

There are outliers on Living on Borrowed Time (is that a self-aware title or what?) — a memorable guitar solo in “Do or Die,” a little funkiness to the bass in “No Apologies” to appeal to any remaining Biohazard/Pro-Pain fans, and the mellow intro tease of “One Eye Open.”

But what you’re really dealing with in Sworn Enemy is comfort… a record that could have been made in 1989 or ‘94 or 2004, and will most likely be made again. And again. And yet again. With whatever new lineup.

This lack of change: all very comforting.

Sworn Enemy’s Living on Borrowed Time comes out May 13 via Rock Ridge Music/ADA. You can stream the song “Hard Way” here and pre-order the album here.

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