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Lamb of God Dominated Easter

  • Axl Rosenberg

Every year in the town of Salem, VA, an Easter drama is staged in the amphitheater at Sherwood Memorial Park. This year’s production was entitled Lamb of God, and whomever was in charge of making the tickets must have felt quite lucky to find a ready-made logo on Google that they could utilize as their graphic.

lamb of god easter ticket

Unfortunately, they didn’t do any actual research with regards to whose logo they were using, nor the values espoused by that entity.

The organizers of the Salem Community Easter Drama subsequently released the following statement via Facebook:

“We understand there have been some unfriendly comments online because of a graphic we used on one of our invitation tickets that had not been properly vetted. That graphic is on those tickets only and is not the ‘official’ logo for the drama. We apologize for our mistake and for any confusion we may have caused. Now, back to our true purpose, and that is lifting the name of Jesus Christ!”

So that’s some pretty goddamned funny shit right there.

Also pretty goddamned funny is this video sent to us by a reader named Josh, who explains his inspiration for creating the clip:

“So my son went to a huge egg hunt for Easter today, and the setup for the big easter egg maelstrom reminded me of a wall of death.  So I made this.”

I’ve never been to an easter egg hunt. Is this really what they’re like? I always thought the eggs were hidden, not just lying out in a field for children to murder one another over. Jeezy creezy!

Thanks to NRKee for tipping us off about the first story, which initially came to light via Reddit.

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