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Cobalt Set New Record for “Shortest Break-Up Ever”

  • Axl Rosenberg

Cobalt Duo

Someone call Guinness: Cobalt have just set a new record for the shortest break-up ever, decimating the previous record set by Oceano (two months) and leaving runners-up Abigail Williams (four months) in the dust.

To be fair, Cobalt never really broke up — but on March 18, Phil McSorley announced he was leaving the group, and I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling like it just wouldn’t be The ‘Balt without him… especially since Cobalt only has one other member (that would be Erik Wunder, duh). Luckily, barely more than a month later, McSorely has announced via Facebook that the duo have patched things up and are working on new music:

“In the end, all one ever experiences is one’s self.

“Erik and I have had a rocky last few years due to extreme personal experience. I can’t discredit him for his profound personal development, considering that I have been elusive due to my nature as well.

“We have spoken and a new Cobalt album will be recorded, and will be massive and overshadow everything we, and many others, have ever done.”

Given the extremely short duration of Cobalt’s split, it’s hard to imagine another band usurping their title anytime soon (unless some band wants to break up for twenty-four hours as a publicity stunt or something, but that wouldn’t even really count). And so, once again, Cobalt demonstrate that they are truly one of a kind. Welcome back, fellas! We missed you!!!

Thanks: Lewis H.

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