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Listen: Let The Floor Hit The Bodies

  • Anso DF

Floor - Oblation

Isn’t it fascinating when this happens: You’re really into the only record that you’ve heard by some band, yet it takes you a million years to check out their other stuff? What gives? You love the jam, do you not desire more jams? The answer is yes but no: More classics would hit the spot, but greater are the odds of a let-down. Or maybe you’re still fulfilled by that one record, and anticipate a need to go further only when the time is right.

In the case of me and Floor, it’s a little of both: I am so fulfilled by the band that shares singer-guitarist Steve Brooks, Torche (Harmonicraft 10,000 listens no bullshit), and it takes fortitude to travel backward in his discography to Floor. After all, knocking on the door always is the suggestion that earlier work is less evolved, so your read might not be fair. But Floor has forced the issue for breathless Torche worshippers with a reunion (last year) and a new album Oblation (on Tuesday). Listen to all of it here and for a few days here.

(via Pitchfork)

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