Exclusive Preview: Autopsy’s Feast For A Funeral Comic Book!


Like a lot of you, we’re not just a metal nerds, but comic book nerds as well. So when we heard that E-Comix — the same publisher responsible for Dying Fetus: Supreme Violence — was working on an officially-authorized book for death metal legends Autopsy, well, needless to say, we got excited… doubly so when we read the plot description:

“The comic book tells the tale of college kids who make a terrible mistake. One for which they must suffer, and pay in blood. When they play with stolen property at an impromptu field party, they open a doorway that allows spirits into our material world. A rescue is planned, but none of this is made known to a rival biker gang that doesn’t appreciate their turf trampled on by strangers. Seeking vengeance, the gang approach an old abandoned house to wreak havoc on their party crashers, and learn too late that once the door to Hell is opened it can’t be closed.”

Sounds killer (pun intended), right? Well, great news: it’s almost here! Autopsy: Feast for a Funeral comes to Comixology on April 30 (the day after Peaceville releases the band’s awesome new albumTourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves — pre-order it here). We don’t know how many of you guys use Comixology, but it’s awesome — not only do all your purchases exist in “the cloud,” so you can read them anywhere, anytime, but you can blow up the artwork to massive sizes without losing any resolution (a definite advantage over physical media). So, yeah, you should be stoked for this.

And stoked for this: we have an exclusive preview of some art from the book for you to check out below! It definitely lives up to these words from E-Comix publisher Vince Brusio:

“If I had to summarize this comic book in a sound bite, it would be to say ‘Food tastes better screaming.’ There’s your visual.  Carnage unseen since old school ‘80s splatter films. This book is brutal because Autopsy is brutal.  So consider yourself warned, kids. No apologies. No regrets.”

Autopsy + comic book + ’80s splatter flick-style gore = FUCK YES. It could only be better if it gave blowjobs, too.

Check out our exclusive preview of Autopsy: Feast for a Funeral below. Click on it to see the art in all of its hire-res gory glory. E-Comix will release additional info via Twitter this coming Wednesday, April 30!!!

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