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Metal Breakdown Composer App Available for Free Download

  • Axl Rosenberg


I can’t believe it took someone so long to think of this, but your new time-waster has arrived: the Metalcore Breakdown Composer is now available as a free download for all mobile iProducts.

Now, the product isn’t quite as advertised, I don’t think; while there are six guitar sounds, unless I’m somehow not using the app correctly (which seems unlikely — it’s incredibly simple), it doesn’t have as many drum loops and “special sounds” as it says (there are only six drum loops, four effects sounds, and four vocal sounds). Still, I managed to kill a pretty decent amount of time playing with the thing on the subway last night (using headphones — didn’t wanna be rude), and I’m confident I came up with some breakdowns that are at least as original as anything on the new Emmure album. And the app is free, so there’s really no excuse not to at least try it out.

Download it here.

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